The Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries is to fulfil the noble cause of uniting the Footwear Industries across the country, to provide a platform for development and training in the sector.
The Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries aims to unite the manufacturers of footwear as well as manufacturers of footwear components, suppliers of raw materials, machineries and traders and dealers in the industry.

Major initiatives and proposed work include the following:

  • To provide a discussion forum to exchange views regarding the matters connected with footwear industry, in order to point out the problems faced and improvements required.

  • To facilitate publications of magazines / newsletter which provide updates on the industry, technology and other related news.

  • To arrange National Conference for footwear industry on a yearly basis.

  • To conduct Seminars, Exhibitions, Expos and Workshops for the benefit of footwear industry.

  • To facilitate research in Footwear Industry for the benefit of society.

  • To collect and disseminate statistics relating to Footwear manufacturing in the country.

  • Integration and development of weaker sections of society including women and small players in the industry by providing training.

The Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries is proposed to be placed as the axis and pivot institution for the unity and development of players in footwear industry.