In 2012, at a meeting of Kerala Footwear Manufacturers & Exports at Calicut, proposal for an all India organization for footwear Industry aroused. The need of a national level organization to represent the industry and to act as an apex body was very evident. Later at a meeting held on 01.February.2013 at Chennai, an Adhoc Committee was formed to form a national level organisation and Mr.Rafeeque Ahmed was elected as the Chairman of the Committee.

Later, the Adhoc Committee selected the name “Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries” and decided to incorporate the same as a Section 25 Company (Company not for Profit) under Companies Act, 1956.

SL No Name SL No Name
1 Mr. Rafeeque Ahmed 13 Mr.Hameed Ali K.M
2 Mr. Ramesh Kumar Dua 14 Mr.Abey Joseph
3 Mr. K.T Thomas 15 Mr.Satish Kumar
4 Mr. Rajkumar Gupta 16 Mr. Om Prakash Gupta
5 Mr. K.R Vijayan 17 Mr.SubhashJagga
6 Mr. Jose Joseph 18 Mr.InderChhabra
7 Mr. V. Noushad 19 Mr.Saurabh Gupta
8 Mr.AshwaniSachdeva 21 Mr. SaurabhBairathi
10 Mr. Suman Barman Roy 22 Mr.Ravinder Gupta
11 Mr.JubyIsac 23 Mr. Ajay Aggarwal
12 Mr. P.P Musammil 24 Mr.Rajinder Jindal

The name “Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries” was approved by RoC, and license under Section 25 of Companies Act, 1956 was obtained. “Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries” was incorporated on 03.January.2014.